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Locked Out in New Braunfels: Your Guide to Getting Back In Teamwork Locksmith

Everyone has those "Uh-oh" moments. You shut the front door, and a second later it hits you - your keys are still inside. Before you panic, let's dive into the various options available to you if you find yourself locked out of your house in New Braunfels. Here’s your ultimate guide to staying calm and getting back inside safely.


You're enjoying a lovely day in New Braunfels, perhaps after a visit to the Greene Historic District or the Comal River. But as you step up to your front door, it hits you - you don’t have your keys! Breathe. Let’s look at your options.

1. The DIY Solutions

Every problem has a DIY solution, right? When locked out, here are some tricks to try:

  • Check All Entry Points:

    • Sometimes, a backdoor or window might be left unlocked.

    • Remember safety first. Avoid climbing high windows or areas that may risk injury.

  • Credit Card Trick:

    • Sliding a credit card between the door and the frame might push the bolt back.

    • This won’t work on deadbolts, though!

  • Screwdriver and Bobby Pin:

    • If you're feeling like a movie character, try using a flat-head screwdriver and bobby pin as a makeshift lock pick.

    • Remember: This requires patience and may not work for all locks.

However, these DIY methods come with risks. You might damage your lock or door, leading to costlier fixes.

2. Call Someone with a Spare Key

If you're in the habit of giving spare keys to trustworthy friends or family, now's the time to call them. But, be aware:

  • Distance and Availability:

    • How far are they from you?

    • Are they available to come over immediately?

  • Safety Concerns:

    • If it’s late at night, is it safe for them or for you to wait?

3. Call a Local Locksmith In New Braunfels

Your best bet in many cases is to call a professional. Here’s why:

  • Quick and Efficient:

    • Experienced locksmiths can unlock your door without causing damage.

    • They are equipped with the right tools and skills.

  • 24/7 Services:

    • Many locksmiths in New Braunfels offer round-the-clock services.

    • Always good to have a contact in your phone for emergencies!

  • Safety and Security:

    • Locksmiths are trained professionals.

    • Always ensure they're licensed and reputable. Ask for identification and check for marked vehicles or uniforms.

  • Costs:

    • Fees vary based on time of day and complexity.

    • Always ask for a quote upfront.

Tips for Choosing a Locksmith1. Check online reviews and ratings.2. Ask for recommendations from friends.3. Ensure they're licensed and insured.4. Discuss fees upfront to avoid surprises.

4. Think Long-Term: Prevent Future Lockouts

Nobody wants to be locked out twice. Here's how you can prevent it:

  • Spare Key Strategy:

    • Give a spare to a trusted neighbor or friend.

    • Consider a key lockbox near your home.

  • Smart Locks:

    • Upgrade to a keyless entry system.

    • Options include code-based or app-controlled locks.

  • Routine Checks:

    • Make it a habit to check for keys before closing doors.

    • Place keys in the same spot every day.


Being locked out can feel like a disaster, but with this guide in hand, you'll know exactly what to do. Whether you're trying a DIY method, calling a friend, or reaching out to a professional locksmith in New Braunfels, remember to stay calm and prioritize safety. And once you're back inside, take those extra steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Cheers to always finding your way back home!

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