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Does Car Insurance Cover Locksmith Services? By Teamwork locksmith New Braunfels

Ah, that sinking feeling! We’ve all been there. You close your car door, only to realize your keys are still inside, staring back at you from the driver’s seat. Panic ensues, followed by the thought: "Will my car insurance cover locksmith services?" In today's post, we're going to dissect this question, with a special mention of Teamwork Locksmith in New Braunfels. Buckle up!

A Glimpse into Car Insurance Policies

Before diving deep, let’s first understand what typically falls under the umbrella of car insurance. It’s not just about collisions!

  • Comprehensive coverage: Protects against non-collision damages like theft, fire, or vandalism.

  • Liability coverage: Covers damages to others if you're at fault.

  • Collision coverage: Takes care of damages from accidents, irrespective of who's at fault.

  • Personal injury protection: Covers medical expenses.

The Locksmith Coverage Query

Now, onto the main question. Do these coverages extend to locksmith services?

  • Comprehensive Coverage: This is where locksmith services might come in. If you’re locked out of your car, comprehensive coverage may have your back. However, there’s a catch. The coverage may only apply if the reason for the lockout wasn’t your fault. For instance, if a thief tries breaking in and damages your lock in the process.

  • Roadside Assistance: Many insurers offer this as an additional package. It often includes services like fuel delivery, flat tire changes, and yes, locksmith services. If you have roadside assistance, you’re likely covered for lockouts.

Teamwork Locksmith New Braunfels Spotlight

Let’s talk about a locksmith service that’s been gaining traction: Teamwork Locksmith in New Braunfels. Why are they noteworthy when discussing car insurance and locksmith services?

  • Reputation: They have a solid reputation for timely and professional services.

  • Insurance Knowledge: The team can guide you on whether your insurance may cover their services. Knowledge is power!

  • 24/7 Availability: They're always there when you need them, making those late-night lockouts a bit more bearable.

Avoiding Extra Costs

While hoping that your insurance covers locksmith services, it's wise to avoid potential extra costs:

  • Check Your Deductible: Even if your insurance covers locksmith services, you might have a deductible to meet first.

  • Know the Rates: Always inquire about the locksmith rates before getting the service. Some may charge extra for nighttime or emergency services.

  • Check Credentials: Ensure your locksmith, whether it's Teamwork Locksmith or another provider, is licensed and insured. This protects you from potential damages.

Wrapping Up: Best Answer to the Question

To sum it all up:

  • Comprehensive coverage might cover locksmith services, but typically only in situations where the lockout wasn’t your fault.

  • Roadside assistance, if added to your policy, will most likely cover lockout services.

  • Always check the specifics of your policy or consult with your insurance agent.

  • Consider professional services like Teamwork Locksmith New Braunfels, known for their expertise and assistance.


Getting locked out of your car is an inconvenience no one wants to face. Knowing that your insurance might have your back can offer a small silver lining. It's always best to be informed, prepared, and have a reliable locksmith's number in your contacts. Safe driving (and locking) to all!

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